Bahut.fr.ht was a collaborative school platform for our class, created in January 2011 with my friend Tom.

In 2011, I was in 10th grade (seconde in France), in the first year of high school where I meet Tom, a classmate who was also passionate about computers.
One day on Skype, Tom explained to me his way of learning history lessons by typing them on his computer. I suggested putting the content online to help other people and we get the idea of creating a website for our class.

First version Bahut.fr.ht First version of Bahut.fr.ht

The website was named “Bahut” (informal French word for school), with the catchphrase “the class website”. It contained:

  • Lessons in different subjects (maths, history, geography, French, English, physics, chemistry, biology…)
  • Exam helps
  • Weekly schedule with all homework
  • A member area with a special page for the student category
  • A forum, chat, comments and private messages between members
  • A collaborative part with a text editor to submit new lessons to the class

Second version Bahut.fr.ht Second version of Bahut.fr.ht

Bahut.fr.ht was powered by WordPress on Tom’s hosting (OVH), with a domain name redirection “.fr.ht” to be easier to remember.

One of the challenges was to get classmates on the website: I printed and cut flyers of the URL in browsers to promote the project between classes.
Then we realized that many of them were on Facebook: in addition to the Facebook page, I signed up as a Facebook developer and created a Facebook application, which was an iFrame wrapping the website.
At that time, I also discovered the creation of Facebook ads and the targeting possibilities based on user data.

Flyer Bahut.fr.ht Flyers of Bahut.fr.ht URL in browsers

After a while, the teachers heard about the project and liked the idea. Some of them helped us by giving more content such as videos or slides to illustrate the lesson, which we hosted on the website.

Teacher contents Bahut.fr.ht More teacher content Bahut.fr.ht Teachers’ contents on Bahut.fr.ht

This project helped me to become aware of the potential of technologies and their impact on people, especially how people can trust the internet. I remember a chat I had one day with a classmate:

- “Hey Arnaud, what is the homework for tomorrow? There is nothing on the website.”
- “I haven’t had time to put it online yet, but check your diary.”
- “I don’t have a diary anymore since you put all the homework on the website!”
- “What, seriously…?!”

Bahut.fr.ht was a success: it helped our classmates as well as students from other classes, and it received more than 1 100 visitors in 6 months.

The project ended in June 2011 with the end of the school year, and is no longer available.

Final version Bahut.fr.ht Final version of Bahut.fr.ht

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